How C&S Cares for Communities….

C&S Cares has made a tremendous mark on Houston, effecting transformative change in underserved and marginalized communities. To date, our unwavering commitment has brought about a profound positive impact, touching the lives of over 100,000 individuals through the provision of essential health education resources via our weekly radio broadcasts on multiple stations. We have championed the enrollment of over 5,000 previously uninsured individuals into vital health insurance programs, ensuring their uninterrupted access to crucial healthcare services.

Our dedication to emergency intervention and preventative care initiatives has directly benefited over 400 individuals facing critical situations, offering them a lifeline in times of need. We have conducted over 10,000 health screenings, via our four-vehicle mobile health clinics, including blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen level, and body mass index testing, providing crucial health insights and guidance to community members.

Moreover, we have empowered more than 10,000 individuals with invaluable career and business development tools, cultivating economic growth and fostering self-sufficiency within these vibrant communities.

C&S Cares continues to be a beacon of hope and positive change for the people of Houston, leaving a legacy of compassion, resilience, and progress.


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