Our Mission

C&S Cares is dedicated to providing equitable access to vital Healthcare and Economic Empowerment Resources that enhance the well-being of underserved, marginalized communities

About Us

C&S Cares for Communities is a dynamic nonprofit organization, founded in 2015. Initially begun as an outreach initiative of D&T Group, C&S Cares has expanded into a beacon of hope for Harris County’s underserved communities. Our focus is to bridge the gap on significant health and economic empowerment disparities in Houston’s underserved, marginalized communities.

Collaborative Leaders

Our collaborative network is a strategic blend of leaders that actively pursue solutions that address needs in at-risk, underserved communities.

Michael Crockett

Chairman/CEO, C&S Cares

Bishop James Dixon

President, NAACP-Houston

Ernest Walker

General Manager, KTSU 90.0FM